Head Office / Factory

2-32, Shitomiyashinmachi, Shijounawate, Osaka,
575-0041 Japan

SPOT / ICHINEN SHOKO CO.,LTD. Manufacturer of Strapping Machines and Materials.

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Words from the President

Kazuo Mimura

Our obvious knowledge of packing,
between people and goods,
paves the way for new logistics.

To make our lives much richer. Hand to hand, from North to South, and from one city to another, we are living in the contemporary world of logistics where various commodities have been transported. It is ICHINEN-SHOKO that is a pioneer maker of packing machines. ICHINEN-SHOKO optimizes efficiency of logistics services and seamlessly plays a vital part in secure logistics offerings.

Since the beginning of its foundation, ICHINEN-SHOKO has foreseen the today's golden age of logistics and started developing packing equipment sooner than any other company. A long history of superior expertise represents a wide variety of our products. Not only have those products distributed in Japan, but exported to far-abroad. Today, we are proud of our products being recognized as World's ICHINEN-SHOKO (SPOT BRAND).

However, we are not satisfied yet. We will advance one more to the next phase of logistics transformation. SHOKO'S insatiable challenges for technology and quality will never end.


Establishment May 1st, 1957
Capital Stock 30 million yen
President Kazuo Mimura
Head Office
& Factory
2-32, Shitomiyashinmachi, Shijounawate-shi, Osaka, 575-0041 Japan
Phone: +81-72-878-3471
Fax : +81-72-879-5274
Tokyo Branch 1-2, 1-chome, Heiwajima, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 143-0006 Japan
Phone: +81-3-3298-4630
Fax : +81-3-3298-4632
Design, Manufacture, and Sales of Strapping Machines / Staplers / Sealers /
Packaging Systems
Major countries for export USA, Germany, Italy, France, England, Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan, Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Chile, Rumania, Russia

SPOT / ICHINEN SHOKO CO.,LTD. Manufacturer of Strapping Machines and Materials.

Shijounawate-city, Osaka, Japan